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m.collective is nearing the end of stage1:

24 months of sonic/vedantic/galactic exploration.


events of 2020 sent m.collective's internal meters into the red - warning that gravitational pull was reaching a state of hyperheavyosity.


in an emergency meeting, m.collective voted to board and launch h.m.s. duophony, then travel to galactic centre - to align with bouncecore 7.83hz, the infrafrequency required to reboot one's balance of rhythm/harmony/empathy.

(here on earth, 7.83 hz only can be attempted with a roland 808. but it is a very dangerous area of the frequency spectrum to tamper with.) 

learnings from voyage are transmuted into song form, then beamed to 4-track cassette tape back in mission control pasadena via the h.m.s. tascam 246.

final results of voyage will be relayed and revealed on 08.11 at permanentrecordsroadhouse.


h.m.s. tascam 246

webmaster note: we have posted select stage 1 song transmissions here on


but for the full scope of stage 1 - all announcements, lab results, and song experiments, we suggest clicking on over to m's instagram: @monoscary

the 08.11.22 demonstration will formally commence stage 2: live performance of song experiments.

stage 3 will commence commitment of final arrangements to our 1-inch bounce maximizer, the powerful h.m.s. tascam ms-16.


h.m.s. tascam ms-16

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