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l.a. duophonic:  
barn-based sound station.

constructed in 1981 by leroy as an offering to his foreverlove amina. (leroy's dedication to amina is etched in our floor - punctuated by cupid's arrow.

his timeless expression of devotion allows us to begin each day in the giving of thanks - with the surety of harmonic mission, knowing we operate within a space literally built from the heart


leroy commemorates the 1981 completion of

phase 1 of skylab91103


phase 2 reinforcement added by michael in 1987 


the monolith.


the big board.

we holistically restored the barn's original ontological intent,

abstracting the space into a bounce-receiving satellite...a portal built on a foundation etched in the heart's devotion, leroy originally intended.


skylab91103 opens with matins every day at 5:30 AM in pursuit of its 2-part mission:


1) to honor the timeless, transformative power of analog - by creating within analog's airspace.

2) to counter attempts by anti-bounce forces to pathologically divide and partition music into genre.

skylab91103 chooses to study, trace and celebrate the timeless bounce-generated connections that bind across all music both good and great. the bounce does not believe in musical division. for 1ness aligns a singular truth:

all good + great music is connected by the 1ness of the bounce.

interwoven in 1ness.

 regardless of genre, family history, geographic location, technical ability, or budget.

( of the biggest sins against the bounce is to sound expensive.)

the barn has but 1 rule:

all signal paths must be steeped in pre-1981 technology.


arp odyssey mark ii, pianet t, roland sh-3a


roland re-201 space echo


premier 71 amplifier


pianet n


roland cr68, ace tone ec-10


maestro 3x: phaser, volume, echoplex ep3

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