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the empire strikes back


the prevailing theory: leroy's chosen date of phase 1 construction of skylab91103 (1981) was purposeful.

his emergency response to the anti-musical forces conspiring to end the golden analog era (1951-1981.)


historical evidence points to his tracking the approach of a since-identified flying object.

the digital ice meteor. SHOCK249.


to this day, there is no clear agreement on the origins of SHOCK249.

where it came from. whether it was man-made. some even believe it was sent by a malevolent alien civilization.


(allies of the bounce [j williams, m brando] are rumored to have placed this

nasa simulation of SHOCK249s anti-bounce

impact in the opening of a popular film of the period as a coded warning.)


historians theorize that leroy recognized the bounce was in imminent peril.

he hurriedly built skylab91103 as a bounce portal for future generations.

(the lack of density in the barn's cement floor suggests he worked at top speed.)

evidence shows he finished just in time.

within hours, SHOCK249 entered our atmosphere, and impacted the bounce with incalculable digital force.

the collision shattered the bounce's delicate singularity...and scattered 30 years of analog 1ness into history.


when did the SHOCK249 impact event take place?


modern astronomers used bounce-carbon-dating technology to pinpoint the precise date:

august 1, 1981.


this accepted date is further corroborated by a corresponding event on that dark day.

another anti-music, digital-first event...with catastrophic longterm cosmic ramifications... 


leading historians now believe the impact of SHOCK249 was strategically timed to scatter the bounce at the exact moment of the worldwide launch of mtv "music" television


without the singularity of the bounce to stand in its way, all 3 stages of kali mtv's anti-1ness mission would be completed within 4 short years. The the 3 stages of that anti-1ness mission:


1) visual prioritization within all musical presentation

2) fragmentation of shared music-based experiences (via demographic compartmentalization)

3) degradation of the bounce via digital compression (compact disc, mp3, pono) 


mtv's premiere broadcast:

a 6-hour, star-studded, state-approved, anti-musical, anti-1ness celebration,

aired live from the base of SHOCK249's impact crater. 

this is why.

listen in. sing out. walk on.


it was what it is.



matins commence sun-sun at 5:30 a.m.

matcha served on request.

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